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Nap charts guys.

Naps rock yo
I worked out so much the last two weeks

I was packing up my family’s house, and I lifted and carried so many boxes and items I can’t even begin to count.
My arms haven’t looked and felt this good since I was competitively swimming.

It’s now my job to unpack everything and sell things that we don’t need, but I’m still trying to do just a little bit of extra exercise everyday.
Right now I’m doing 10 squats every half hour, all day. Super easy, spaced out, and I have two alarms set on my phone that remind me to do them!

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Exercises 10/4/14

170 squats

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Tips to get you to run longer
yes, that’s what i’m doing

My 100, 200, & 300 level workouts! 
Today’s my third day working out, and I feel the pain, and I love it.    And I love how all workouts include a tiny bit of cardio, and a combo of butt and abdominal exercises. And they may take 20-30 minutes to complete if you take your time, and I do more than one workout, or repeat the same workout.
I’m changing the name to 100 level, 200 level, & 300 level because they aren’t necessarily easy or much harder, it more has to do with the quantity. 
These exercises are also good for me because I have weak knees and it doesn’t put a lot of pressures on them :)

Cool that people are still reblogging this! I was doing this Spring 2013 when I was studying abroad in Ireland! 

And I can’t wait to have BAD ASS before and after pics! 

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My New Workout Plan

First Draft: I figured out what At Home Exercises I wanted to do (black). This took a lot of research on my blog, other fitblrs, and fitness Instagrams that I follow. Then I figures out how I’d be positioned when doing the exercise (in blue, and used to organize my plan later on). THEN I figured out what part of my body would be worked out during each exercise (red). 

Second Draft: I organized the exercises based on position (while I’m standing, on the floor, or on my back) (black). Then I figured out what order I wanted to do them in to get a good flow (red). Then I figured out how many reps I wanted to do of each (black, and “ES” stands for “each side.” The point of these sets is that I wanted to create a circuit training plan that’s varied and fun.Finally I targeted the areas each position would be hitting, with the underlined areas as repeats (red).

Final Draft: This is it! I did a whole circuit yesterday and only took about 11 minutes!

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Hey all!

So the last few days I’ve been working on a workout plan for myself and Day 3 I’m still sticking to it! 

I’ll post pictures of my plan with descriptions. I’m excited to keep up with it and to stay motivated! A lot of shitty stuff has been happening in my life, but we just moved (stressful but okay) and I like the new house, and I have a big room with a nice view, and I’ve got a part-time job. 

Try to look at the positives; it’s much easier to be pessimistic. Challenges in your life aren’t always bad. 

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